How to Bet the Over/Under

Betting the over/under involves deciding how many total points will be scored in a game.  For example, right now the over/under in the Packers-Bills game is 43 with both sides having a pay odds of -110.  When you decide how many points will be scored, it doesn’t matter who scores them.  The Packers could win 35-10 and the over would be correct (35+10>43); the Bills could win 35-10, the Packers could win 24-20; anything that leads to a points total of greater than 43 would result in the over being correct.  If this happened and you had bet the over, you would win with pay odds of 100/110; if you bet $110, you would receive $100 and if you bet $100 you would receive about $91.  If the total points were under 43 and you took the over, you would lose your bet.  My model directly predicts the total points scored, which can be used for this purpose.

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