NFL Week 5 Power Rankings

For those of you tired of the blog being all football all the time recently, I’m sure I’ll come up with more basketball things to talk about soon, because the preseason just started!  In the meantime though, here are the updated power rankings after this past weekend’s games:

As I expected, the Bears dropped a lot after their ineptitude against the Giants, from 3rd to 12th.  The idle Chiefs (and the Steelers) were leapfrogged by the Chargers who take over the number 1 spot; if this were the BCS it would be all over the news.  “How can we drop when we didn’t even play?”, etc etc.  As a Michigan fan, let me tell you that not playing a game has plenty of room to hurt you, especially when another team really lays a hurting on someone else, as is the case with the Chargers versus the Cardinals this past weekend.

Other movers: The Cardinals dropped 6 spots to second-worst in the league after the beating they received from the Chargers.  Their problem isn’t running, which they do fairly well at 5.4 yards per rush, but passing and pass defense.

The Giants moved from a bit below average to a bit above average after crushing the Bears’ quarterbacks into submission.  It wasn’t a big numerical change in quality, moving from 1.2 to 1.38, but it moved them up in the crowded middle from 19th to 13th.

Jacksonville rode their big win over the Colts out of the basement, moving from dead last in the league to 27th.  That might mean that they might be good enough to be favorites against the now-dead-last Bills this weekend even though they’re on the road.

Finally, the Seahawks get the award for biggest move this week, although they might not accept it since they dropped from 4th to 15th.  Getting shown up by the Rams is not a good thing to have happen, and the team seems very up-and-down.  They beat the 49ers convincingly (which is looking less and less impressive), lost just as convincingly to the Broncos, beat the Chargers (albeit with the help of two unlikely kick returns for touchdowns, but the Chargers are still pretty good), and now got handled by the Rams.  They pass ok but can’t stop the pass, and they can’t run but they stop the run even better.  It sets up an interesting game this weekend against the Bears, who pass well and are average against the pass while also stopping the run well while not being able to run at all.  If the coaches in this one are smart there will be around 90 passes thrown, assuming Jay Cutler can stay alive that long.

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