NFL Week 10 Round-Up

We had another exciting week if you like high-scoring games, mostly thanks to Washington-Philly (87 points), Denver-KC (80), and New England-Pittsburgh (65).  In fact, week 10 had only one fewer point scored than the recent record set in week 7 when three games got into the 70s and another two in the 60s.  Sounds like a good week to take the over; how did the models do?

Over/under: there were two games at -105 and Mario took the over for both (Luigi split).  Mario was right about both and so went 2-0 for $190.48; Luigi went 1-1 for -$4.76.  There was also a -115 game that the models split on; Mario was right to take the under.  So Mario is 1-0 for $95.24 and Luigi is 0-1 for -$100.  On the remaining 11 games at -110, Mario was an amazing 9-2 ($618.18) while Luigi was a still-good 7-4 ($236.36).  Overall, Mario was a stud at 12-2 for $903.90 and Luigi was 8-6 for $131.60.  On the season Mario is 66-61 for $20 (woo!) and Luigi is 67-60 for $200.

Moneyline: Mario took the Jets, Indy, Carolina, Saint Louis, New England, and Washington.  That’s 3-3 for -$34.52.  Luigi took Cleveland, Cincy, Seattle, Saint Louis, and Washington.  That’s 1-4 for -$230.  On the season Mario is 26-26 for $825 and Luigi is 24-30 for $1370.

Spread: Mario skipped Miami-Tennessee and went 8-5 in the other games.  Luigi skipped Atlanta-Baltimore, Miami-Tennessee, Tampa-Carolina, and Pittsburgh-New England.  In the other games, it went 6-4.  On the season, Mario is 55-56-3 and Luigi is 58-48-2.

Simmons: Billy was good for 8-6.  With Bill’s line, Mario was 7-7, and Luigi was 9-5.  On the season Bill moves to 76-62-6, Mario to 60-64-4, Luigi to 71-53-4, and I move to 73-65-6.  I’m hanging around three games behind Bill, keeping the game close, looking for a second-half surge.

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