NFL Week 12 Predictions

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  I’m traveling again today, so I’m just going to put up all the picks.  In terms of football, Thanksgiving didn’t go as well as planned.  The Lions kept up their recent tradition of not winning, although they gave me hope up through half time.  The Dallas-New Orleans game was pretty exciting, and the Jets finally won a game before the last minute.  How about the rest of the games?


Lions-Pats and Cowboys-Saints both went over while Jets-Bengals went under, so Mario is 2-1 and Luigi 1-2 so far.


Both models liked the underdogs (although Mario passed on the Lions) but none came through, so both are 0-3 so far.


Again, both models liked the underdogs but only Dallas managed to cover.  There’s a lot of agreement this week, with the models only differing on Kansas City-Seattle and San Fran-Arizona (and those are games close enough to the predictions that I would advise skipping anyway).  Hopefully that means more of the games will turn out as predicted.

Bill Simmons:

Bill made all the right moves on Thanksgiving to go 3-0 and currently sits at 18 games over .500 on the season.  Pretty impressive.  I’m going to hope that Atlanta, Baltimore, and Oakland all fail to cover so I can catch up a bit.

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