NFL Week 14 Round-Up

Lots of important games this past weekend as the playoffs get closer, but I’ll get to that tomorrow.  Today is all about the model picks.  Here we go:

Over/under: Both models took the under in three -105 games; they went 1-2 in those games for -$104.76.  They both took the over in one -105 game and were wrong for -$100.  And they disagreed on two -105 games where each was correct taking the under in different games, so both were 1-1 for -$4.76.  So Mario was 2-3 for -$109.52 and Luigi was as well.  In the -110 games, there was a push (Atlanta – Carolina).  Otherwise both models went 5-4 for $54.54.  Overall this week then both models were 7-8-1 for -$155.  On the season Mario is 96-92-3 for -$320 and Luigi is 97-91-3 for $45.

Moneyline: Mario liked Tennessee, New England, Detroit, Oakland, Miami, Arizona, KC, Dallas, Minnesota, and Houston.  Now might be a good time to remind everyone that injuries are not taken into account, so KC and Minnesota might have been overly optimistic.  But the Patriots, Lions, Miami, and Arizona won.  So Mario was 4-6 for $81.67.  Luigi liked Tennessee, Chicago, Detroit, Cincy, Oakland, the Rams, Seattle, Miami, Arizona, KC, Dallas, Minnesota, and Houston.  Detroit, Miami, and Arizona came through so Luigi was 3-10 for -$385.  On the season Mario is 36-59 for -$970 and Luigi is 34-64 for -$385.

Spread: Mario would have skipped Buffalo-Cleveland, Chicago-Pats, Pittsburgh-Cincy, Washington-Tampa, and Carolina-Atlanta.  In the other 11 games, Mario went 5-6.  Luigi would have skipped only Carolina-Atlanta and went 6-9 in the other 15 games.  On the season Mario is 79-79-3 and Luigi is 83-74-2.

Simmons: Bill predicted an off week for his predictions and indeed only went 6-10.  Using Bill’s lines Mario went 7-9 and Luigi also went 7-9.  On the season Bill is 109-93-6, Mario is 94-94-4, Luigi is 103-84-4, and I am 105-97-6.  Another game closer with three weeks and the playoffs to go; I’m ahead in the alternate universe where I used Luigi the whole season.

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