NFL Round-Up

My holiday roadtrip isn’t over yet, but I have enough downtime to catch up on the NFL.  I didn’t do a good summary of the week 15 results and I didn’t post many week 16 predictions, so this post will be a combo of this past weekend’s predictions and the results from the last two weeks.  The next post will be the usual power rankings/season predictions, which are greatly clarified since there’s only one game remaining for every team.


In the past two weeks, Mario went  16-15-1 for -$32.47.  Luigi went 15-16-1 for -$223.  On the season, Mario is 112-107-4 for -$350 and Luigi is 112-107-3 for -$175.  I don’t imagine either model will go above even next week for the season, but I’ll have more post mortem stuff when the season ends.


Mario picked 5 winners and 6 losers for $147.99.  Luigi picked 8 winners and 9 losers for $674.52.  On the season Mario is 41-75 for -$820 and Luigi is 42-73 for $290.


Mario went 11-14 and Luigi went 10-15.  Not stellar performances.  On the season Mario is 90-93-3 and Luigi is 93-89-2.


Bill went 16-16, Mario went 12-20, and Luigi went 17-15.  On the season Bill is 125-109-6, Mario is 106-114-4, Luigi is 120-99-4, and I am 122-112-6.  If I can make up three games I’ll tie Bill legitimately in the regular season; I’m ahead three games right now if I use Luigi the whole way.  There are 11 games in the playoffs, so I might be able to pull even/ahead if I include them as well.

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