Wild Card Predictions

Playoff time!  I’m usually a little disappointed with playoff time just because there isn’t as much football to watch.  On the plus side, it’s typically better football.  Time for the weekend’s picks.



You might notice that all the games are predicted to be fairly close; the biggest favorite is Mario putting Indy as a 60-40 winner.  Conventional wisdom is that the Saints are much better than the Seahawks, and they probably are, but home field is a helpful equalizer.  Hopefully all the games will be reasonably close.


Same idea here; no one is predicted to win by much more than 3.  No strong favorites.  Both models would pass on the Indy-Jets game.

Bill Simmons:

Bill decided to take each road team to cover.  With his odds, that puts us in disagreement for Baltimore-KC and Saints-Seahawks (and sort of for Indy-Jets, although Luigi agrees).  I ended the season up a couple games, so we could be closer to even if things go his way.

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