Conference Championship Round-Up

The Steelers beat the Jets 24-19 and the Packers beat the Bears 21-14 this past weekend, fulfilling the ‘best team should win’ course that I hoped would turned out.  Pittsburgh and Green Bay are the best of the four teams left, so I’m optimistic that will translate into a good Super Bowl in a couple weeks.  Let’s take a quick look at how the models did.

Over/under: Both hoped for overs, and Jets-Steelers delivered.  So 1-1 on the weekend, in what I think is a weekend full of splits.

Moneyline: Both models thought the Jets were worthwhile and Mario went with the Packers while Luigi took the Bears.  The Packers indeed came through, but it wouldn’t have helped much since they were the favorite.  With the ‘big hitter’ mentality the models seem to have, you need more games for the upsets to come through and make up for the losses.

Spread: both models like the Bears to cover, although it was too close for Mario to call.  Had that last drive turned out with something other than an interception, it might have happened.  But the Packers held on for their touchdown victory.  They split on the Jets-Steelers game, although Luigi stayed away (it turned out to be the right call).  So both models picked one game and went 0-1.

Simmons: Bill got the Packers but missed on the Jets; Mario went 0-2 and Luigi went 1-1 to get the draw.  Bill isn’t doing too well in the playoffs, sitting at 5-5 on the strength of his wild card picks.  I’m at 7-3 against his lines.  I really wish I could find them somewhere it was legal to bet.  Maybe I’ll make the blog subscription-based and use the proceeds to move to Vegas?

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