If you don’t read Henry Abbot’s TrueHoop blog on ESPN.com, you should.  I don’t always agree with him, but it’s almost always interesting and he’s much more measured than many sports writers and talking heads out there, which I appreciate.  Today he has a big post on why Kobe Bryant is not the best clutch shooter in the league.  He does a great job describing a number of stats and approaches to saying why this is probably 99% likely to be true, if not 100%.  If you wanted the one sentence summary, it would be “memory lies, but numbers don’t”.  Of course, numbers can be used to lie, but when every reasonable number that anyone has collected all say the same thing?  It’s hard to argue.

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  1. EntityAbyss says:

    Alex, you clearly don’t watch the games. I know the numbers say that, but you need to watch the games. Kobe’s misses have the magical ability of going to Gasol, Odom, or Bynum’s hands (who are all coincidentally great rebounders) for the put back. Also, just because he has a top forward in the west, a top center, and a top 6th man, he’s the only option. Why? If you ask why, you’re asking too many questions.

    Yea, maybe Lebron’s more efficient, takes less shots and scores more points, and improves a lot in just about every category in the clutch, Kobe has the “it” factor that cannot be measured by stats. Lastly, Kobe’s better than Jordan. Why? Once again, just watch the games. As a matter of fact, Kobe’s god.

    For all the Kobe supporters, don’t worry, I’ve already said much of what you probably will. 🙂 . You can thank me anytime.

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