Derrick Rose for MVP?

Just for argument’s sake: Rose versus Wade.  They’re very similar (I love that they had the exact same number of points when I looked this up) but so far this year Wade is a more efficient shooter, a better rebounder, and slightly better at steals, blocks, and turnovers; Rose takes more shots and gets more assists.  As you might guess since Rose doesn’t have many advantages here, Wins Produced likes Wade.  Win Shares has them much closer, which is odd considering their stats.  Adjusted plus/minus likes Rose if you look at one-year and Wade if you look at two, which is a little interesting since Basketball-reference gives them the same defensive rating.  If bball-reference and adjusted plus/minus are both right, then Rose must be absolutely spectacular at non-boxscore measures (that goes double if WP and APM are both right).  At the team level, after beating Memphis the Heat are 45-21 with a 6.9 point differential while before playing Utah the Bulls are 46-18 with a 6.4 point differential.  Let’s call the team records a toss-up (Bulls have the better record but are behind on the more predictive differential); Wade is arguably the better player this season in every boxscore regard except assists and thus just as good an option for MVP, if not a better one.  I don’t think anyone will mention Wade though since the Heat have ‘underperformed’ by not winning 70 games.

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