NFL Week 4 Predictions

I’m cutting it close on getting the picks up, so I’ll jump into it while holding back my disappointment in not being able to see the Lions game.

Over/under: Again, just for posterity.

Moneyline: Remember, just because a team is predicted to win doesn’t make it a good pick.  It depends on the money you would get back if they win.

Spread: I’m unhappy that Luigi has the Cowboys as a small favorite.  I wish this game were in Detroit.  On the other hand, I would be happy to see the ridiculous anti-Romo sentiment continue to drop away if he has a strong game.  And remember to stay away if the prediction is too close to the line, like Dallas-Detroit, Cleveland-Tennessee, and Jacksonville-New Orleans.

Simmons: The difference between Bill’s and Bodog’s lines are more apparent in a couple games than usual this week.  We disagree on four games by his lines, so we’ll see how it goes.

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