NFL Week 6 Predictions

There are a few games of note this weekend.  Will the Packers stay undefeated?  More than likely.  Will the Lions stay undefeated?  Hopefully.  Will the Colts, Rams, or Dolphins get their first wins?  Probably not, almost definitely not, and maybe not, respectively.  Here are the predictions for week 6; I got the numbers on Saturday afternoon.

Over/under: Luigi has scraped his way back to even.  We’ll see how it does today.

Moneyline:  The Jets have been pretty unimpressive so far.  Of course, Miami hasn’t thrilled either, with its 0-4 record, but it’s put up some fights (similar to Carolina, which is actually the favorite today).  On the other hand, the model doesn’t know that Chad Henne is out.  I’ll be rooting for the Dolphins.

Spread: In related news to my surprise at the Carolina numbers, I’m not sure why people are still sleeping on Buffalo.  Last week Bill Simmons took Philly because he didn’t think the Bills were for real, and then Buffalo came out and won.  This week he’s taking the Giants because… the Bills wear the same uniform they did when they went to the Super Bowl and lost?  Despite the fact that the Giants just lost to the Seahawks, and fairly convincingly (and at home).  All of this is not to say that I think a Giants win (or cover) is impossible, but doesn’t it send off some warning signals?  Oh, and the games to skip this week are Cincy-Indy, Oakland-Cleveland, and Tampa-New Orleans.

Bill Simmons’ picks: Speaking of Mr. Simmons, his picks and lines are below.  In addition to disagreeing about Buffalo, we also go opposite ways on four other games.  I think the Pittsburgh line is a little high, although I also have little faith in the Jaguars; the Baltimore-Houston game should be closer, but that assumes the Texans are healthy (or more accurately, can play the same way they have been even though they aren’t healthy); Bill thinks the Cowboys will throw on the Pats to keep it close while I think he’s still reverse-jinxing his team; and he’s taking the Jets on Monday night, which might be the right call.  We’ll see how it all pans out.

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