Rushed Week 7 Predictions

I’m running a little behind, so I’ll jump right into the predictions for today.  Hopefully the model runs more true to form than it did last week.

Over/under: Has been surprisingly accurate lately.  We’ll see if it keeps up the recent run of good luck.

Moneyline: Bodog doesn’t have numbers posted for a fair number of today’s games for whatever reason, but Luigi happens to have picks for the rest.

Spread: Your games to skip this week are Detroit-Atlanta, Jets-San Diego, and Jacksonville-Baltimore.

Simmons: Here are Bill’s picks.  We disagree on a few games, so there’s room for a shift in the standings.  Side note that may or not become a future post: any time Bill writes about the NBA lock-out, he says that the owners need to be saved from themselves.  Really?  According to who?  Teams keep changing hands, so there isn’t a shortage of rich people who want to own sports teams.  But there is a shortage of world-class NBA players.  In the worst case where somehow all the current NBA players were booted but the owners kept their teams under a “better financial model”, the league would lose a ton of money because a) no one would know any of the players and they wouldn’t get to watch LeBron, Wade, Kobe, Dwight, etc, any more and b) the quality of competition would drop to college/WNBA levels.  I’m not really sure why it’s the owners who are too big to fail here, and it isn’t the players making bad decisions.

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