Tebow in the Lions Den

With all the Tebow-mania out there, you have to go with a cheesy title, right?  The Lions have lost their last two games and look pretty mortal, and Matt Stafford is questionable.  For Denver, Tebow just wins.  Is that enough for the Broncos to be a favorite?  Let’s see what the model says.

Over/under: This is really just filling space right now. But here are the numbers in case you’re curious.

Moneyline:Your favorite in the Broncos-Lions game… the Lions, by a tiny bit.  But with the moneyline value, Tebow might be your betting choice (if you’re able to make bets where you are.  I still have to put up with the US government).

Spread: How much should the Lions win by?  I’m guessing about 2.  That’s one of a fair number of close calls this week though: Rams-Saints, Panthers-Vikings, Bills-Redskins, (Broncos-Lions), 49ers-Browns, and Chiefs-Chargers.  Looks like the model and Bodog have the same opinion on a lot of these teams.

Simmons: With Luigi picking so close to the line so often, this week is likely to be a crapshoot.  Sadly, even a crapshoot will be an improvement over the last two weeks.  But here are Bill Simmons’ picks, and below is what Luigi would say.  Bill’s been making a run back in our competition, so the five games we disagree on will be important.

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