NFL Week 8 Round-Up

In a dramatic turn-around from last week, things went pretty well this past weekend.  The Michigan Wolverines got a good win against Purdue (although I still don’t think Robinson can throw the ball), my adopted hometeam Cardinals won the World Series, the Lions looked much better against the Denver Tebows, and the model turned in a good set of predictions.  Let’s get to it.

Luigi was 7-6 against the over/under, putting him at 51-47-2 on the season.  He was also 9-4 at picking outright winners, only missing the Chargers (who continue to invent new ways to lose games), Patriots, Panthers, and Saints.  That moves the season record to 59-41.  When you incorporate the moneyline, Luigi was 5-4.  In something of an oddity, it thought the favorite was still worth betting on and three came through (the Eagles, Texans, and Bills).  The only downside is that the favorite doesn’t get you a lot of money.  The record would have been slightly better if Rivers knew how to receive a snap.  At any rate, that puts Luigi at 26-36 on the season.

Moving to the spread, Luigi was tight-lipped and only thought seven of the games were worth taking a chance.  But it went an astonishing 5-1-1 in those games!  The Dolphins, Cardinals, Steelers, Bengals, and Eagles all came through, and the Texans got their insurance field goal to push.  The only miss was on the Colts, who are downright atrocious.  That puts Luigi at 40-35-4 in pickable games.  Overall this week Luigi was 8-4-1, putting it at 49-46-5 in all games this year.  Against Bill Simmons’ lines, Luigi was 8-5 (the Texans line was 9.5, so they covered instead of pushed but the Bills line was different and Luigi would have flipped to the Redskins).  Bill was only 5-8.  On the season, I’m 60-50-6 and Bill is 55-55-6.  In my fake SuperContest, my top five picks would have been the Cardinals, Texans, Dolphins, Bengals, and Steelers.  Those picks went 4-0-1, putting me at 22-15-3 for 23.5 points.

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One Response to NFL Week 8 Round-Up

  1. Squad says:

    Great Site here.

    There must have been something in the air last week. My fairly new system went 10-2-1 ATS. Only losses were on B-More and Carolina. Some how i feel the numbers will revert this week.

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