NFL Week 10 Round-Up

Still at a conference, still just the facts.  Here’s how the model did this weekend.

Luigi was 5-8-2 against the over/under, with the two pushes being Bengals-Steelers and Bucs-Texans.  That puts it at 65-60-4 overall.  It was only 7-9 in picking straight-up winners, with some relatively strong upsets belonging to the Raiders, Rams, Broncos, Cardinals, and Seahawks.  That puts the season total at 74-56.  When you add in the moneyline, Luigi was 4-6 but positive, correctly getting upsets by the Raiders, Titans, and Seahawks.  Luigi is 34-43 on the season.

Moving to the spread, Luigi was 7-9 this week in all games and 6-7 in pickable games.  The season totals are 52-47-4 and 63-62-5.  The top five picks were the Bills (wrong), Cardinals (right), Bengals (wrong), Vikings (wrong), and Seahawks (right).  That’s 2-3 this week, 27-20-3 overall, and 28.5 points.  Finally, against Bill Simmons’ lines Luigi was 7-9 and Bill was 9-7.  On the season I’m 74-66-6 and so is Bill; we’re tied.  It’s a brand new season just past the midway point.

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