Steelers-Browns Prediction and a Tease

A quick note for the game tomorrow – Bodog has the Steelers as 14.5 point favorites at home against the Browns.  Luigi has the game at more like 8, so he would say to take the Browns.  I’m not super-confident about this one, which is a shame since it’s also likely to be one of my SuperContest fake picks.  There’s no moneyline up right now, but Luigi says the Steelers win 73% of the time.  The over/under is 39 and Luigi likes the over for what it’s worth (answer: not much).  And as far as I can tell no pick from Bill Simmons yet, but I bet he takes the Steelers.

As for the tease: I’ve spent the last day or so collecting a data set so I can investigate one of TMQ’s most common claims.  Here’s his most recent article.  Hopefully it will fill the gap between tomorrow’s game and the rest of the weekend’s.  Get your hopes up!

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