Quick Thursday Night Pick

I’ve been holding off on putting up a pick in the hopes that Bodog (now Bovada) would put up a moneyline, but no such luck.  Luigi gives the Falcons a 72.7% chance of winning.  In the meantime I have seen the line move from -11.5 or -12 to its current -14 (-105).  Luigi thinks the Falcons will win by closer to 7.5, so it was taking the Jaguars all along but this does give a bigger margin of error, which is nice.  And the over/under is 42, which Luigi thinks the game will stay under.  I’m hoping that the Jaguars manage to come through somehow to give the Lions a little more breathing room, but I can’t really see it happening.  On the other hand, I’m sure the Ravens didn’t either.

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