NFL Christmas Picks

As an early Christmas present, the Colts covered (and won outright) against the Texans last night to give Luigi a 0-1 start for the weekend.  As a hopefully nicer early present to you, here are the rest of the picks a little early so you can enjoy them before Christmas Eve.  Happy holidays!

Over/under: The Dallas-Philly game actually didn’t have a line yet, so I made it up.

Moneyline: There aren’t many moneylines up until the day of the games for some reason, but you still get the win probabilities in the chart.  Of the underdogs picked as worthwhile bets this week, the one I feel best about is Arizona, and maybe Jacksonville second.

Spread:  This is the most that the Panthers have been favored by all year, which I thought was interesting (previously they were 4 point road favorites against the Colts).  Along with Seattle-San Fran, that’s also the only stay-away game this week.  My SuperContest picks this week are Buffalo, Cleveland, Minnesota, Oakland, and Chicago.

Simmons:  Here are Bill’s picks. I have a typo in the chart; he took Miami to cover against the Pats.  So we disagree on 6 games and he’s already one up on me thanks to the Colts.  If the rest also go his way, he’d be in striking distance to take the lead in week 17.


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