NFL Week 16 Round-Up

Hope everyone has had a happy holidays so far.  Luigi had a fairly decent weekend with his predictions for the games.  Here’s how they turned out.

The over/under continued to be terrible, coming in at 4-11-1 (Tennessee and Jacksonville hit 40 on the nose).  That puts the season record at 98-119-6.  Picking outright winners was better at 13-3 for a season record of 140-84.  The surprises were the Colts, Vikings, and Eagles (only a mild upset).  Adding in the moneyline, Luigi was only 1-5.  The moneyline season record is 52-83.  This is another spot which will get a looking-at in the off-season.  It isn’t as obviously broken as the over/under (the record is poor, but it prefers underdogs and thus doesn’t lose money as much as the record would indicate), but it might benefit from having some kind of threshold put on it.

In all games against the spread Luigi was 9-7 for a season record of 113-103-8.  Two games were too close to call though and Luigi split on them, so the pickable games were 8-6 for a season record of 94-78-7.  My fake SuperContest picks of the Bills, Browns, Vikings, Raiders, and Bears went 4-1, only missing on the Bears.  That puts their season record at 45-32-4 for 47 points.  I think that’s a pretty decent showing with one week to go.  Finally we have Bill Simmons.  He went 6-9-1 against his lines (the Seahawks-49ers was a push) for a season record of 117-113-10.  Luigi went 8-7-1 for a season record of 128-102-10.  With an 11 game lead, it would take a miracle for Bill to catch me in week 17.  We would have to disagree on almost all the games, for one.  But with a big push and a good run in the playoffs, it could happen for the season overall.  Formal congratulations will wait a week.

Because they’re only somewhat relevant at this point, here are the power rankings and season predictions without any further comment.

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