New Year’s NFL Predictions

Happy New Year!  To help celebrate, the NFL has a full slate of games and most of them mean something in terms of the playoffs.  Because I’m getting the Bovada numbers Saturday night, there aren’t a lot of moneylines.  Here are the predictions nonetheless.

Over/under:  Just save yourself the time; skip ahead.

Moneyline: Keep in mind that some games here have funny numbers because they don’t matter for one team (and in a couple cases, either team).  To that end, I would ignore the predictions for Packers-Lions, Texans-Titans, and maybe Raiders-Chargers.  It’s also hard to say what will happen in Arizona-Seattle, Jacksonville-Indy, Philly-Washington, Minnesota-Chicago, and Miami-New Jersey since no playoff teams are involved in any of those games.  But we’ll assume they play normally.

Spread: In addition to the caveats above, the model says the spread is too close to call for Dolphins-Jets, Saints-Panthers, Giants-Cowboys, and Cardinals-Seahawks.  So I would say to stay away from these and definitely the Packers and Titans games.

Simmons:  Here are Bill Simmons’ picks.  He’s 11 games behind me, so there’s a lot of ground for him to make up.  But, he gets the benefit of knowing which games matter and whatnot, and as I’ve done all season I’ll count all the games for Bill but not all for my spread accuracy.  We disagree on ten games, so Bill can make it close if everything swings his way, and at least make it close heading into the playoffs.

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