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Welcome to the APBR Board!

My retrodiction post apparently got its own thread over at the APBR board.  I would say I’m honored, except it seemed to get treated pretty harshly.  I’ll try to address the issues that were brought up over there.

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NBA Retrodiction Contest: Blend Update

A couple of people asked about potential overfitting for the blends I mentioned in the last retrodiction post.  After a couple days of waiting for the iterations to run, mixed with multiple restarts for completely unnecessary computer lock-ups, here you … Continue reading

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NBA Retrodiction Contest Part 3: The Perfect Blend

In the first two posts in this series I looked at how well various NBA productivity metrics can explain what happened and predict what will happen.  But I think at least some people would say that they would never stick … Continue reading

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NBA Retrodiction Contest Part 2: The Goods

In part 1 I tantalized you with the ability of different NBA productivity metrics to explain what happened.  This time we get to the important part, which is their ability to predict the next season.

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NFL Conference Championship Round-Up

There were a couple of close games this weekend if you didn’t watch them.  Here’s the breakdown.

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NBA Retrodiction Contest Part 1: What Happened?

So with my happy new database, I’ve been sitting on updating my project of predicting past outcomes to compare different NBA productivity metrics.  But that is true no more.  Here goes.

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NFL Conference Championship Picks

It’s almost football time!  It’s at least a day earlier than usual, but here are my conference game picks since all the info is already out there.

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