Thursday Night Titans-Steelers Pick

First, I’d just like to point out that my post from late last night made it to TrueHoop (and Wages of Wins).  Hooray!  I have actually been mentioned on TrueHoop before, but I don’t think it was for a post.  But more importantly, let’s take a look at the predictions for tonight’s Thursday night football game.

As always, I’m getting my ‘Vegas’ information from SBR.  They have the spread at Titans +6 (-110) now, the moneyline at +230/-250, and the over/under at 43.5.  So generally the Steelers are a solid favorite despite being on the road.  If you’d like a little info on why this might not be a reasonable perspective, take a look at Brian’s summary of the game, which covers about everything I would point out.

My models fall roughly in line with Brian’s ideas.  Luigi has the Titans losing by a point and a half, Yoshi 1 actually has them winning, and Yoshi 2 has them losing by less than a point.  So they all take the Titans to cover.  They give the Titans anywhere from a 45% (Luigi) to 60% (Yoshi 1) chance to win outright, so they all think the Titans are worth a look on the moneyline, although I’m not sure I would be that optimistic.  And for what it’s worth, Yoshi 2 likes the under (expecting about 40 points scored) while Luigi and Yoshi 2 like the over (47 and 45 points scored, respectively).  Have a good Thursday!

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2 Responses to Thursday Night Titans-Steelers Pick

  1. Dre says:

    Dug the rebounds post. I assume Wages of Wins is listed after TrueHoop because you listed them alphabetically 🙂

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