Quick Colts-Jags Pick

I don’t have much to say about this game other than almost regardless of how bad the Colts might be, they are not the Jaguars.  Every time someone writes or thinks that maybe Gabbert showed some flashes of ability this game, they should be informed that quarterbacks are asked to play entire games at a reasonable level of performance.  Gabbert has never done that and may be entirely incapable of it. 

At any rate, the spread for tonight is Jags +3 (although you can get good odds for that), the moneyline is +165/-175, and the over/under is 43.  Luigi has some confidence in the Colts to cover, Yoshi 1 thinks they will but it’s too close to call, and Yoshi 2 thinks they won’t but it’s too close to call.  Luigi thinks the Colts are worth a look as the moneyline favorite, which is somewhat rare; Yoshi 1 and Yoshi 2 both like the Jags.  Luigi and Yoshi 2 both predict totals of just over 43 (by which I mean decimal places) while Yoshi 1 thinks the game will go under.  With all the mixed messages, maybe it’s better to just take tonight off?

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