NFL Thanksgiving Predictions

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I’m writing this about 24 hours in the past, but I wanted to make sure the predictions made it up for today at least; I’m still not sure about my prospects for the weekend.  I won’t dally around though; let’s get to it.

The Lions host the Texans this year for their annual tradition game.  I don’t know why they couldn’t get an easier match-up.  I guess the Lions can be thankful that they’re only 3 point underdogs though.  The Texans should be thankful for Matt Schaub staying healthy; last year when he went down, they had a very promising playoff run cut short.  All three models see the game as too close to the line to call, but they all like the under against 50 and the two Yoshis like the Lions as a moneyline play.

The other traditional game is Dallas hosting Washington.  This game is important in that both teams might need those divisional wins as they try to catch the Giants for a playoff spot, or in case crazy things happen and they aim for a wild card.  Luigi and Yoshi 2 think the game will be too close to the Dallas -3 line to call, but Yoshi 1 likes Washington to cover.  They all like the under against 48, and they all like Washington as a moneyline play.

The rotating game this year is Patriots visiting the Jets.  The Patriots should be thankful they aren’t the Jets.  Not that they ever threatened to be, but a naive perspective could see an AFC East playoff contender from the past few years who has taken a dramatic dive.  The Jets should be thankful that’s a possible view of the team, which has really made it by on a great defense masking the fact that Mark Sanchez is not a good quarterback.  I have no idea whether the Jets have the personnel to make Tebow an option, but they aren’t going to get much worse than they already are.  Luigi thinks the game is too close to Jets +7 to call, but the Yoshis split with Yoshi 1 liking New England to cover and Yoshi 2 liking the Jets to cover.  Luigi and Yoshi 2 narrowly like an over against 48 while Yoshi 1 is taking the under, and all three models think the Jets are a good moneyline pick.  I wouldn’t hold my breath, but the last game was pretty close.

And to end on a cheesy (but honest) note, I’m thankful for everyone who takes the time to read this stuff.  Have a great holiday!

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