Quick Broncos-Raiders Pick

We should have another crummy Thursday night game as the Broncos will likely beat the Raiders handily with nothing on the line except for which of the top four seeds the Broncos will get in the AFC.  The Broncos are tied with the Patriots and Ravens at 9-3, and none are especially likely to catch the 11-1 Texans, but the Broncos might have the inside edge since they still get to play the Browns and Chiefs besides Oakland tonight.  Of course, Peyton Manning leaves nothing to chance – not even the prospect of only a million people getting free Papa John’s pizza.

The spread tonight is Oakland +10 with a moneyline of +470/-555 and a total of 49.  All three models like the Raiders to cover to different extents, and all three think the Raiders are worth a look on the moneyline (they only have to win about one in six times for the bet to be profitable).  I don’t honestly see them winning, or covering for that matter, but at least they’re at home.  Who knows?  Speaking of not having a clue, Luigi predicts the game going only a half point over the total while the Yoshis like the under.  Try to enjoy the game tonight, and maybe a pizza will be in your future.

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