Eagles-Bengals Pick

This game really only matters for people interested in the AFC North playoff race, unless you have some kind of attachment to Nick Foles’ development.  It’s been a disappointing year for Eagles fans, and they won’t have LeSean McCoy, Brent Celek, or DeSean Jackson.  They did manage to beat Tampa last week though, so maybe they have a bit of fight left in them.  The Bengals are also coming off some disappointment with their loss to the Cowboys, but are still very much alive for the playoffs and need this win to try and fend off the Steelers.  Let’s see what the models say.

The spread is Philly +5 with a moneyline of +215/-235 and an over/under of 45.  All three models think that the Eagles will lose but by less than 5; Luigi and Yoshi 2 have the number at closer to the opening value of 3.  They all also think that the Eagles are worth a look on the moneyline.  They would all also take the under.  I feel relatively confident that the Bengals are the better team, but they’ve been shaky and they’re on the road.  I would rather see them in the playoffs than the Steelers, but hopefully the Eagles will do the models right tonight.

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