NFL Week 12 Round-Up

The NFC North continued to make a mess of things as we move towards the playoffs.  The Lions had a chance to put a little bit of a lock on the division; the Bears had a chance to get ahead, which they desperately need given their tiebreaker situation; and the Packers had an easy game to get them back into the thick of things.  Instead the Lions and Bears lost while the Packers played to a tie, leaving everyone grouped together and weakening the division overall.  Atlanta and Carolina got important wins, the 49ers got a crucial one, the Chargers and Pats kept things interesting for the Chiefs and Broncos, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Tennessee attempted to keep hope alive, and Dallas showed that they’re potentially interested in making the playoffs.  Sadly I didn’t get to see any of it, so I’ll stick to the model predictions this time and promise to do better next time.

In all games Luigi was 9-5, but would have passed on one game (Chiefs-Chargers) and gone 8-5 on the rest. That gives Luigi a total of 81-75-4/65-58-3. Yoshi 1 was 9-5/7-5 for a total of 72-84-4/60-71-4, and Yoshi 2 was 9-5/7-5 for a total of 78-78-4/62-65-3. The consensus picks, where all three models agree, were 5-5 for a 45-41-1 total.

Luigi’s SuperContest picks were 3-2, and would have been 4-1 if I could ignore the Packers pick and put Tampa in instead.  That puts my record at 34-24-2 for 35 points.  Yoshi 1 would have gone 2-2-1 with Miami getting the push for a record of 27-31-2.  Yoshi 2 had the same picks as Luigi but did have Tampa instead of Green Bay, so those picks would be 4-1 for a total of 33-26-1.

All three models had pretty good weeks on the moneyline thanks mostly to Tampa and Jacksonville.  Luigi is pretty solidly in the black, Yoshi 1 a little bit in the black, and Yoshi 2 somewhat in the red for the season overall.

Using his lines, Bill Simmons went 7-7. Luigi went 8-6, Yoshi 1 went 8-6, and Yoshi 2 went 8-6.  That makes the counts Bill 65-76-5, Luigi 75-66-5, Yoshi 1 74-67-5, and Yoshi 2 70-71-5.  Unfortunately for Bill, a .500 week is a step in the right direction.


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