NFL Week 14 SuperContest Showdown

We have a complete blank of a game tonight, pitting the 3-9 Jaguars against the 2-10 Texans.  I guess the game is interesting in that I don’t think anyone would have expected the Jags to have the better record between these two, even after Matt Schaub left the line-up; I guess it’s interesting if you like train wrecks or are a connoisseur of former Michigan quarterbacks.  So let’s not bother with saying much about the game, shall we?  Let’s just do the SuperContest picks, leave the game on in the background, and spend our time a little more fruitfully.

Your Luigi predicted winners for the week are Texans, Bengals, Patriots, Saints, Raiders, Eagles, Steelers, Bucs, Chiefs, Ravens, Broncos, Cardinals, Chargers, 49ers, Packers, and Bears.  It’s kind of an odd week in that (as you might notice) that’s every home team.  But it isn’t just Luigi; the Hilton lines have every home team as the favorite as well with the exception of the Jags tonight and Washington hosting the Chiefs.  But that doesn’t mean all the games will be runaways; some should be fairly close.  That applies to the spreads as well, and I pick the ones with the largest disagreement between Luigi’s prediction and the line as my SuperContest picks.  A decent number of those are fairly close this week as well, but Luigi is going to go with Browns +11.5, Chargers -3, Oakland +2.5, Seahawks +3, and Titans +12.  You could pretty easily slip in the Packers -3.5 (with the Rodgers exception of course) or Miami +3 though.

Yoshi 1’s picks would be Chargers -3, Steelers -3, Packers -3.5, Bears -1, and Washington +3.5.  Yoshi 2’s picks would be Cleveland, Tennessee, San Diego, Rams +6.5, and Oakland.  With the Hilton lines at least, it looks like a weird week in that there are only three games where all three models agree: San Diego, Green Bay, and Chicago.  Those three aren’t in the top picks for everyone, but the consensus picks tend to do well (with the possibility that Green Bay is still off without Rodgers, and then will be off again if he comes back).  And Luigi and Yoshi 1 obviously are going opposite ways on Pittsburgh-Miami since they take different sides strongly enough that the picks make/almost make their top five lists.  So maybe we’ll see a lot of close games, and maybe even tonight’s will be an entertaining one.

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