NFL Week 7 Results

The models had a glowing start to the week.  They all got the Jets to cover against the Pats, and the next three games that the models agreed on (according to the schedule released before the season began) were all hits too: Tennessee, St. Louis, and Minnesota to cover.  Unfortunately, it was downhill from there.  Let’s see how the carnage went.

The Bills came into this week with a four game lead on Luigi, the model doing best against their lines.  Barnwell knocked it out of the park this week, going 10-5.  He didn’t start well, but cleaned up further down the list.  Their overall record is 57-47-2.  On the other hand, Luigi was 5-10, missing every late afternoon and evening game.  Luigi’s total record is 48-56-2.  That’s suddenly a big deficit.  Yoshi 2 also did poorly, going only 4-11 for an overall record of 43-61-2.  Yoshi 1 tried to carry the squad for the models, going 7-8.  It’s a bad week when 7-8 leads the way.  Yoshi 1 is 48-56-2.

In the regular picks, Luigi was 4-6.  It needed any one of San Diego, Oakland, San Fran, or Houston to cover in the later games to salvage .500, and none came through.  Luigi is 34-34-4 overall.  Yoshi 1 went 5-6 for a total record of 30-39-4.  And Yoshi 2 wraps it up with a 4-6 record and 28-42-4 total.  The consensus picks at least came out ahead at 4-2, but only have a 20-23-3 total.

Luigi had its third straight 1-4 week for the SuperContest, bringing the record to 11-24.  It kind of makes me wonder if something has gone wrong; given the past few seasons, it should be highly unlikely that the ‘best picks’ record would be this bad.  There have been close calls, like having Minnesota just behind Cleveland this week, but it’s beginning to strain credulity.  On the plus side for Yoshi 2, it did have the Vikes instead of the Browns, so 2-3 for Yoshi 2 and a total of 14-21.  Yoshi 1 also went 2-3 for a total of 15-20.  Not a good showing at all this year.

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