NFL Week 8 Results

After a bizarre game in London (but a win is a win!), the Lions have played two games in a row where they won yet failed to cover.  That’s more impressive when you consider they were favored in those games by 2 and 3.5.  This week it was a small help to the models, as they all had Atlanta covering thanks to the Falcons being listed as the home team.  How about the other games?  Let’s find out how the picks did.

Bill Simmons returned to making picks after his suspension.  One thing that I didn’t think about as being weird is that Simmons stopped posting on Twitter.  I assume that’s somehow part of his ESPN deal?  Because he continued posting on Instagram during his quiet time.  Very odd.  Why would ESPN have control over someone’s non-ESPN life?  Anyway, after his gambling epiphany, Bill went 5-10, so maybe he could’ve stayed away a bit longer.  But let’s see how the models did before I talk too much.  Bill’s overall record is 62-57-2.  Luigi went 8-7, which seems like a minor miracle, and is now 56-63-2.  That somewhat makes up for last week’s clobbering.  Yoshi 1 went 6-9 for an overall record of 54-65-2 and Yoshi 2 went 7-8 for an overall record of 50-69-2.

In their own picks, Luigi went 6-5 for an overall record of 40-39-4.  Yoshi 2 also picked 11 games, but went 7-4 in his for an overall record of 35-46-4.  Yoshi 1, moving to the beat of his own drummer, picked 13 games and went 6-7 for an overall record of 36-46-4.  The consensus picks, where all three models agreed, were 5-4 and have a total record of 25-27-3.

Luigi finally got his SuperContest picks together and went 4-1 for a total record of 15-25.  Yoshi 2 was also 4-1 for a 18-22 record, and Yoshi 1 was 3-2 for a 18-22 total.  It’s atrocious that these picks are below chance, but if the models were to average 3-2 in the remaining weeks, that 27-18 record would put them somewhat close to the historical pay line.  That seems worth shooting for.

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