NFL Week 9 Results

It was another iffy week for the models.  Let’s tear through this and I’ll spend more energy on something useful.

Bill Simmons already has a solid lead on me on his picks.  Just the cherry on top of this crummy picks season.  I guess on the plus side, his line for the Jaguars game was so high that Jacksonville still covered.  Anyway, this week he went 7-6, as did Yoshi 1, while Luigi and Yoshi 2 went 5-8.  That puts the overall records, in the usual Bill-Luigi-Yoshi 1-Yoshi 2 order, at 69-63-2, 61-71-2, 61-71-2, and 55-77-2.  Eight games isn’t an insurmountable lead with half the season to go, but the negative record sure sucks.

Using the SBR lines, Luigi went 4-5-1 for an overall record of 44-44-5.  Yoshi 1 did marginally better at 4-4-1 for an overall record of 40-50-5.  Yoshi 2 bit off more than he could chew and went 4-6-1 for an overall record of 39-52-5.  The consensus picks succeeded by limiting the damage, going 2-2-1 for an overall record of 27-29-4.

Finally we have the SuperContest picks, which did well last week, raising hopes only to dash them once more.  Luigi went 3-2, which qualifies as good news, for an overall record of 18-27.  Yoshi 2 went 4-1 for a record of 22-23, and Yoshi 1 went 3-2 for a record of 21-24.  At least the Yoshis are fighting their way back to average.

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