NFL Week 10 Results

Just when I thought the picks couldn’t get any worse, they did.  Luigi got Thursday night’s game right, and then didn’t get another one until the end of the Arizona-St. Louis game.  So let’s flash through the embarrassment.

Let’s start with the battle of the Bills.  Simmons went 7-6 for a season total of 76-69-2.  Luigi went 5-8 for a record of 66-79-2, Yoshi 1 managed to do worse at 4-9 for a record of 65-80-2, and Yoshi 2 went 6-7 for a record of 61-84-2.  So we are getting pounded this year.

Using their own picks, Luigi went 4-5 for an overall record of 48-49-5.  Yoshi 1 went a shameful 2-9 for an overall record of 42-59-5.  Yoshi 2 went 2-6 for an overall record of 41-58-5.  As you can imagine, the consensus picks didn’t do very well.  They were 1-4 for an overall record of 28-33-4.

Finally we have the SuperContest picks.  Luigi only added the Eagles to Thursday’s correct pick, so a 2-3 week puts him at 20-30.  Both Yoshis went 1-4 to put Yoshi 1 at 22-28 and Yoshi 2 at 23-27.

For the curious, I’ll be in Vegas this weekend.  There isn’t so much a question of if I’ll make any bets so much as how I’ll decide which ones to make.  The models are not inspiring a lot of faith in me right now.

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