NFL Wild Card Results

The Lions game just ended, so it’s still a little tender.  But here’s how the model predictions did for the wild card round.

Ignoring how close the prediction was to the line, Luigi and Yoshi 2 went 3-1, only missing the Panthers’ cover.  Yoshi 1 went 1-3, only getting the Lions’ cover.  But since a couple lines were close to the predictions, the ‘pickable’ records were 1-1 for everybody.  The only consensus play was the Cardinals, which was a loss.  The only model to come out ahead on 1-1 was Luigi, because Pittsburgh went off at -3 -125.  When Baltimore covered that was worth just over 2 to 1, barely covering the incorrect Arizona pick.  But basically it was a weak first round.

I’ll wait and see what the lines are for next week, but typically the home team is a fairly decent favorite because they’re the best teams and they all just had a bye.  I would guess that Baltimore gets some preference as a feisty underdog, and perhaps Dallas against Green Bay.  But as a wild guess, without having run the models, I’ll say that the lines will be something like Seattle -7, Packers -4, Pats -4, and Broncos -5.  With the Lions having been knocked out, I’m going to fall back on rooting for Michigan man Tom Brady and I guess the Panthers in the NFC.

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One Response to NFL Wild Card Results

  1. I have a problem with your NFC team… 😛 I would also appreciate if you checked out my blog, I was 4-0 straight up and 3-1 against the spread this weekend 🙂

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