NFL Divisional Round Results

Well, we avoided having an exact repeat of last year’s conference title games.  Instead we only have two repeat teams.  Seattle has made it again but will face the Packers instead of the 49ers, and the Patriots are back but playing Peyton Manning’s old team instead of Peyton Manning’s current team.  But before I get ahead of myself, let’s see how the models did this past weekend.

If you recall, the models all went underdog.  So the only game they missed was Seattle covering against the Panthers, which was actually looking like it could also Carolina’s way (at least in terms of a cover) until Chancellor’s pick six late in the game.  So that was nice.  Yoshi 1’s predictions, however, were just too close to the actual lines (5.07 against 6 for the Packers and 6.1 against 7 for the Broncos) to get in as “official” picks or count in the consensus choices.  So while Luigi and Yoshi 2 went 3-1, Yoshi 1 went 1-1 as did the consensus picks.

Looking at Bill Simmons’ picks, we had a split.  The models had all the dogs, while Bill had Seattle and Denver covering as favorites.  So everyone was right on Baltimore and Dallas, the models were right on Indy, and Bill was right on Seattle.  3-1 for everyone.

I don’t have a whole lot to say about the games since I haven’t been able to watch them.  But I can still look up numbers!  So I’ll take a look at the title games later in the week.  Hopefully there will be something interesting to say – both home teams are favored by a touchdown, which could mean boring games.

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2 Responses to NFL Divisional Round Results

  1. Why would the line have anything to do with the game being boring or not?

    • Alex says:

      If one team is heavily favored, chances are you end up with a game that’s never in doubt, which is kind of boring. People don’t really want to see the Broncos beat up the Raiders, you know? But it doesn’t always turn out that way.

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