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A Question and An Answer

My last post had a lot of info, but was short on a few details.  This post is going to fill in at least one of the holes.

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The Dangers of Missing Variables

This post falls under the heading of stats learning time, but it’ll also be applied to basketball.  Hooray!  A warning: this is a long one, so you might want to grab some food.

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Consistent Pieces Lead to Predictive Wholes

The debate on rebounding and wins produced (for example) got me to thinking about a few things, one of which is the predictive value of models.  A model that is able to predict future performance should, everything else being equal, … Continue reading

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Did The 2007 Pats Slow Down?

That’s the assumption in an article I saw today relating the upcoming Miami Heat team to the 2007 New England Patriots that went undefeated until losing the Super Bowl to the Giants.  The claim is that the Patriots went so … Continue reading

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NFL Week 2 Round-Up

The first week is over for the model, so it’s time to see how we did.  Recall that I expect Luigi (the less complex model) to do better at picking winners and the over/under, but Mario should do better at … Continue reading

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