This blog is going to be about sports, and more specifically sports statistics. I’ve been a sports fan for years and a math guy for almost as long, and recently I decided to start thinking about all the stuff they tell us in the pre-game show a little more systematically. Well, maybe a lot more systematically. And here we are now. I don’t necessarily read a lot of other sports stats websites, in part because they’re becoming so popular that it’s hard to know what all is out there, so I’m mostly just going to be posting things I’m interested in and responses to articles I read and things I see on TV. I’m also going to try and do some educational stuff and talk about the stats that go into my analyses.

Most of what I do myself will be about the NFL, but I’ll also talk about the NBA and NHL from time to time.  I might talk about other things from time to time, but those are my big three.

More specifically about me, I started college as a physics major because it was my favorite subject in high school. A couple years in I realized it wasn’t what I wanted any more, and the psychology class I took as a distribution was pretty fun. I got involved in memory research because it seemed the most scientific of what I knew about, and so I graduated with majors in physics, psychology, and math (which tagged along pretty easily with the physics degree). I recently defended my Ph.D. in psychology now, and along the way I’ve taken a number of statistics courses.  Currently I’m in a post-doc position (i.e. research) and living in St. Louis.

If you ever want to get in touch with me besides leaving a comment, you can email me at gmail at sportsskeptic (note the extra s compared to the website name).

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