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What You Measure Matters

Henry at TrueHoop had a post today on the Celtics and offensive rebounding that I think is interesting for a variety of reasons.  One interesting point is that the Celtics were the worst offensive rebounding team in history; any time … Continue reading

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Two TrueHoop Notes

I’m unhappy that the Red Wings are losing their series against Nashville, so I’m going to take it out on TrueHoop.  Namely, the articles about Andrew Bynum/Pau Gasol’s three point shooting and the issue of gender from today’s bullets.

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Tanking Works

Hey everyone!  I decided to make a quick run out from my hiatus to talk about tanking.  Everyone is doing it, so I thought it was worth taking a quick look at the issue.  It’s been all over the TrueHoop … Continue reading

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My HoopIdea

Recently TrueHoop started up a series called HoopIdea to gather ideas as to how to make the game of basketball, as it appears in the NBA, better.  So far, meaning after a couple posts, the focus has been on making … Continue reading

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